MAD4YU Shout Out!

“I read about Ms. Crawford article in a local newspaper and decided to call the number that was listed.  I called the number and made an appointment and Ms. Crawford welcomed me with a smile and made me feel welcome!  Every time I needed her help and she was available and always encouraging, uplifting and willing to help when I needed her. Ms. Crawford is a very patient person always willing to lend a helping hand, I tell everybody that I come in contact who is looking for help with a resume to contact her.  This organization will make a difference for you, I am so glad I got in contact with them, Ms. Crawford has always made time for me.” – Cheryl Brokenberry

“I was referred to MAD4YU  by a customer at the Supreme Flea Market in Richmond.  MAD4U helped with my resume,  helped me learn how to use a computer and took time to help me find employment.  MAD4YU taught me how to access and read my incoming job emails. Ms. Crawford taught me how to use the internet in many ways to find employment, the best place to come for help.” – Lemuel Charity

“I came to MAD4YU to look for a fresh start/new start.  Ms. Crawford is a very good teacher and friend.  I have learned a lot in her class, she is the best and worked one on one with me, slow and not fast to get the most out of the class. She is helping me get a better job so that life will be better for me.  She has helped me learn hands-on computer skills and I have learned a lot!”Randy Gwinn

“We started at Mad4Yu because my son was having a tough time with his transition from homeschool to public school. As an 8th grader, he had a rocky year, but he saw the team at Mad4Yu as being on his side, people he could count on when he was struggling academically. He got in the habit of making notes throughout the week of topics he wanted to ask his tutors about, and of writing out his notes from tutoring sessions when he was stuck on a problem at school. Without Mad4Yu, I’m almost certain my son would not have been confident or prepared enough to be advancing to his first year of high school next year. We can’t thank Mad4Yu enough!”Stephanie Somers, Mother of Richmond Public School 8th grade student

“I first used “Making a Difference for You Technology Resource Center” about 3 years ago. I received help with my resume’ and “Word”. I am now working. This year I again went to “Making a Difference for You” and received assistance with all the Microsoft Office products. I was taking a computer class at Reynolds Community College. I really needed help to pass the class. I had excellent tutors who were knowledgeable in Office Products. I had help with Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. I received an “A” in my computer class, thanks to “Making a Difference for You” Ms. Gail Crawford and everyone at “Making a Difference for You” are professional and friendly. They genuinely want to help. Your success is their goal. They want you to be the best that you can be! I, in turn, have offered my services as a volunteer for “Making a Difference for You Technology Center.”Pamela Murphy