Setting Your House In Order

Over the next 50 years, between $41 trillion and $136 trillion will pass from the older to younger generations.* Many people realize that their financial affairs are not completely in order, and those who do not leave their loved ones a well-organized estate plan do them a tremendous disservice.

Settling a disorganized estate is usually more expensive, and it compounds the emotional and financial stress that survivors experience. So, keeping all of your important estate documents organized in one place is one of the best gifts you can give those that remain after your passing.

The “Set Your House in Order” workshop contains practically everything a person needs to effectively create, plan, and organize his or her estate documents.

This workshop is designed only to share practical applications to basic principles concerning financial stewardship and preparing an inheritance for our loved ones.

*No final decisions concerning insurance, investments, ownership of assets, estate planning or legal documents should be made
without your own prayer, and the counsel of qualified professionals, including attorneys, accountants, and financial planners


 Upon completion, each student should have the basic skills needed to:

  1. Locate important financial documentation needed in case of an emergency.
  2. Create a basic financial management plan for your loved ones to follow.
  3. Set up a simple plan to follow for your current household and your domain.

If you are interested in attending this informational workshop, please contact MAD4YU: