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1st-time Home-Buyers Referral Program

Do you feel like you are in bondage, trapped in your current rental location? You desire to own your own home and be free from your current surroundings. There are some things you must do first in order to get to your “Promised Land”. Are you prepared to pay the price for financial freedom and become a 1st-time home buyer? There is a burden of freedom. Don’t just jump into homeownership, be prepared.


Services Offered

• Affordable Residential Homes
• Multi-Family Developments
• Commercial and Mixed Use Developments
• Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance
• Home-Ownership Counseling

Resources Available

• Training Space
• Section 3 Employer Support
• Extensive Economic Development Network
• Community Partnerships
• Minority Business Support

Program Referrals

• Credit Workshop
• Homebuyer Education
• Homebuyer Club
• Mortgage Workout Options
• Mortgage Workout Intake Session
• Down Payment Assistance Workshop
• Housing Tour
• Bankruptcy
• Tax Preparation
• Financial Planning
• Financial Literacy
• Post-Purchase Counseling
• Predatory Lending
• Business Planning