Impact Statement

Making A Difference For You, Inc. (MAD4YU) is a grass-roots, Virginia-based 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization providing life enrichment services to low-income and ‘fringe’ populations.
The name reflects its very purpose:  making a difference for you.
That is – providing the tools for success  – using computer literacy and study skills as the catalyst –
– to equip those who otherwise might not have access.
The acronym MAD4YU signifies the passion and unwavering commitment towards accomplishing that objective: MAD, and motivated enough to provide life enrichment services and programs – For You.

We seek to help strengthen the Greater Richmond area, surrounding counties, and communities at Making a Difference for You. Providing computer literacy and study skills to low-income families, adults, and active seniors resulted in increased job readiness, reduced dropout rates, reduced homelessness, and increased independence.

Since 2015, MAD4YU has provided FREE tutoring, life enhancement, and computer training to more than 3000+ low-income individuals in Richmond and surrounding counties and families (youth 1st-12th, adults, and active seniors) with collaborations, donations, contributions, and assistance of committed and talented volunteers as agents of change.

While we have made some great strides, Making a Difference for You still has much to accomplish.

We need your support. Would you consider donating to help us achieve our mission? We greatly appreciate your donations to revive and expand the tutoring program to help students gain equal opportunities to win and reach their highest potential.

 With your donations, we are one step closer to meeting a critical unmet need for consistent and easy-to-access academic support.